Egg Freezing/Fertility Preservation

Egg freezing has emerged as one of the fastest embraced infertility solutions by couples. It’s a growing fertility trend that lets women pursue their career or personal goals at their pace before embarking on a journey to become a mother. Veer IVF (Vivf) believes in acknowledging patient choice and hence offers egg freezing or fertility preservation services for social and medical reasons.

This modern cryo freezing process for fertility preservation is giving rise to a new era in the age where natural fertility possibilities are declining. Today, fertility preservation is affordable and hence convinces many millennial individuals and couples to freeze eggs for the future. Such infertility solutions can be chosen when you choose to delay your pregnancy due to financial constraints, career options, or till you get the right partner. You must note that egg freezing does not have anything to do with male sperms because it isn’t fertilized before they’re frozen.

Before you decide to preserve your eggs, it’s recommended to discuss this with your consultant who can help you with individual guidance, the egg freezing process consists of the following stages:

  1. Pre-treatment screening tests
  2. Egg production stimulation
  3. Egg collection
  4. Egg freezing
  5. Egg storage